In global economic conditions, both the international and the national business world emphasize the concepts of continuity and transparency in companies.
Transparency can only be achieved through financial reporting and independent auditing at international standards.
VISION FINANCIAL CONSULTANCY According to international accounting standards “IFRS”, “CMB” and national accounting principles and standards; reviewing the financial statements of companies, institutions, institutions and funds, preparing them for reorganization and preparation of independent audit reports.
VISION FINANCIAL CONSULTANCY performs independent audit activities in the following fields:
Public Companies
Publicly Listed Companies
Intermediary Institutions
Securities Investment Trusts
Risk Capital Investment Trusts
Real Estate Investment Trusts
Financial Leasing Companies
Factoring Companies
Mutual Funds
Pension Funds
Financing Companies
EPDK Licensee Legal Entities
EPDK Certificate Owner Real and Legal Contacts
Official and Private Companies with EPDK Authorization Certificate
Organized Industrial Zones
Unemployment Insurance Fund
Technical support services for the preparation of generally accepted accounting principles published by IFRS and CMB and financial statements complying with the principles published by market regulatory bodies in different sectors
Preparation of “Due Dilligence” Reports
Inspection and determinations to be requested regarding Import of Crude Oil and Petroleum products and LPG
On-Demand Custom Control Services
Preparation of Financial Tables in Consoles
Financial Analysis
Audits to be made by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs